Thursday, October 10, 2013

Second Grade Pointillism

Students created a landscape that included three sections of pointillism.  Students painted the background with water colors and created a pointillism technique with markers.

Fourth Grade Line Design Op Art

Students created an Op art design.  They colored the back ground using a pattern.  They also created an area of high light and shadow to give the illusion that their artwork is 3-D.

Third Grade Op Art

Students created an op art pattern and painted a design over top thier pattern.

First grade Fall Leaves

Students created Fall Leaves by doing an observational drawing from a real leaf.  They added detail and wind lines in the background.  Next, students used the warm colors to paint leaves and the cool colors for the wind.

Kindergarten Fall Leaves

Students created leaf rubbings from real leaves utilizing the warm colors.  They painted their background with the cool colors.

Kindergarten Mondrian Primary Colors

Students created nonobjected art using the primary colors after artist Piet Mondrian.