Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monet's Bridge

Students created this iconic image from Monet's painting of the  Water Lily Pond.  Students used sponge painting to achieve this impressionistic effect.

Pop Art: art from popular culture of every day life.

Students created this pop art piece by drawing their subject and filling it in with dots similar to the style used in Pop art.

Inuit animals

Still a work in progress... students sculpted and animal out of clay.  Students were inspired by Inuit art from the Canada and Alaska.

Picasso Portraits: Blue Period

Picasso was not only a painter of crazy portraits but he also painted showing emotion.  Students created a self portait and used color to emphasize a feeling of happy, excited, sad, or depressed.  Students were inspired by Picasso's Blue period.

Dr. Seuss Fish

We read about and studied the art and illustrations of Dr. Seuss.  Students created a fish inspired by One Fish Two Fish by Dr. Seuss.

Monochromatic paintings

We are not finished yet with these beautiful paintings.  We have to add the darkest value which is black.  Students started with a digital picture of themselves.  Students studied value and decided the lightest value.  We painted one value at a time.  Each week, our paint got darker and darker.  Look for these paintings and more at our end of the year Kids Art Fair.

Picasso Portraits

Students created a wierd and wild self portrait inspired by Pablo Picasso.  Half of the image started out from a black and white photo.  The students drew a side view, or profile for the other half of their face.