Thursday, September 26, 2013

Save the Date for the Art Fair

Dec. 19th SLE will be hosting an art fair.  This is a fundraiser to sell each child's artwork to the parents to make money for the art program.  This money goes towards paint, paint brushes, paper, clay etc. Thank you for your support. More details to come.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Third Grade: Op Art

Students created a pattern on grid paper and colored the image like a check board to create an Op Art design.

Second Grade: Color Wheel Tree


Students were inspired by Kandinsky.  They created Abstract art using lines.  They also created a creative color wheel in the background.

First Grade: Hot Air Balloon Patterns


Students created a pattern on their hot air balloon and painted the background to represent a time of the day or weather.

Kindergarten: Color Wheel

Students created a color wheel flower.  Thier focus was to learn the three primary colors.  Blue, Red, and Yellow.

Fourth Grade: OP Art Line Design

Students created an op art design using curved lines.  They are still in the process of coloring their artwork.  They will emphasize on value/ shading and pattern when they are coloring.