Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kindergarten: Monet boats

Students created a sea scape inspired by Claude Monet.  They drew the horizon line first and painted a sunset.  Next they painted the boats and created details such as waves.  Lastly, they painted the water using the cool colors.

First Grade: Fall Leaves (warm and cool colors)

Students used observational drawing to create their fall leaves.  They used warm colors on their leaves and cool colors for wind in the background.

Second Grade: Okeefe flowers and pointillism

Students studied artist Georgia Okeefe to create thier close up of their flower.  Next students used a technique called pointillism to fill in the flower.  Lastly, students used water color washes to fill the spaces.

Third Grade: Mono Chromatic Portraits

Students recieved a cropped digital photo for thier self portrait.  The students were only allowed to select one color and mix that color with black or white to make shades and tints.  Students used value to help them decide where to put the shades and tints of thier color.

Fourth Grade: Chuck close (mini paintings)

Students used a grid system to compose portrait.  Then created mini paintings inside each box using a wax resist technique.  (crayon and water colors)