Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kindergarten: Roller Coaster Sculptures

Students became a roller coaster designer when they created their 3-D modle of a coaster.  They learned the difference between 2-D art and 3-D art.

Kindergarten: Action Art

Number 8
Jackson Pollock
Students created a work of art inspired by Jackson Pollock.

Third Grade: Realistic Animal Drawing using value and shading

Students realistically drew an animal looking a photograph.  Next students shaded in details using pastel pencils.

First Grade: Jasper John's American Art

Studnets chose thier color scheme and painted each state, then they chose a color to create a border for each state.  This artwork was inspired by American Artist, Jasper Johns.

Fourth Grade: Expressionistic Landscapes

Students created a realistic landscape first with pencil.  Next they painted the background and the details using nonrealistic colors or expressionistic colors.  This was inspired by Post Impressionism or Expressionism.

Second Grade: Pop Art

Pop art is art from our popular culture.  The students picked a cartoon from our every day life to draw.  They used dots to fill in the inside of the animal to look like pop art.