Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Third Grade: Value Study

Students created nonobjective art and shaded in each shape changing the value from light to dark.

Fourth Grade: Tessellations

Students were inspired by MC Escher. Tessellations can fit together in repetitive patterns like simple jigsaw puzzles. These fill a surface, usually a 2D plane, without gaps or overlaps. Brick walls, tiled floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, and sidewalks are all tesselations.

Kindergarten: Monet's Birch Trees

Students created a horizone line and painted a sunset with water colors.  Next they created birch trees inspired by Claude Monet.

1st Grade: Reflections and Landscapes

Students created a city landscaped with a reflection in the water.  Students were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's many reflective pieces.