Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second Grade: Claude Monet's Sunset Reflection

Students studied Monet's love for art and science.  Monet was fascinated by the way light affected the way things looked.  He wanted to capture this with his artwork.  Students created a sunset and a reflection by drawing a city scape first, then reflecting it in the water.  Next sponge painting the sky and reflection and lastly painting in their dark cities and the water reflection.  This is still a work in progress.  We will be adding ripple lines in the water to show movement and add detail.

Fourth Grade: Grid Drawing

Students are in the process of drawing a grid drawing in a similar style to Chuck Close.  Students grid a digital image of themselves and then try to recreate the image on a gridded sheet of drawing paper.  Students use this ancient process (from the era of classical painters)  to try and create a photo realistic self portrait.

First Grade: VanGogh's Brushstrokes

This is just a sneak peak into our project that we are working on.  The background is not finished yet.  Students are trying to create brush strokes with acrylic paint that simulate VanGogh's brush strokes.

Kindergarten: Starry Night

Vincent VanGogh's Stary Night was the inspiration for these landscapes.  students first drew on thier VanGogh brushstrokes with pencil.  Next, they traced their pencil lines with crayon to create a wax resist.  Then students painted teh whole background with water color.  Finally, students created a city like VanGogh's painting.

Third grade: Sculptures with negative space

Students studied the work of Henry Moore and were inspired with his flowing sculptures with negative space.  We have just started carving this week.

Fourth Grade: Inuit Sculptures

Fourth grade students were inspired by the Inuit art from the Northern Canada and Alaska.  These people celebrated animals by making stone and bone sculptures.  Students created thier sculplture from clay.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best of Show coming in March!

March 16, is our Spring Bingo Knight.  On that night, there will be a mini artshow called the Best of Show.  This will be 30-50 pieces of selected artwork from our talented SLE students. 

Help!!!! We need new Paint Smocks!

Any amount of paint smock donations would be helpful.  They can be purchased at any craft store.  Thank you!!!  Some of our old paint smocks are getting worn out!

Monet's Bridge: The finished product!

We had a blast with sponge painting Monet's beautiful lily pads!  Enjoy!